agile assessment guide (1)

Attached is the updated draft compiled GAO Agile Assessment Guide and the comment template.  The following is a summary of the changes/updates from the previous draft compiled guide:

  • Chapter 3 has been updated based on our internal comment vetting sessions
  • Chapter 8 (Agile Program Management) has been added
  • Appendix 4: Common Agile Methodologies has been added
    • GAO currently have some placeholders for certain methodologies.  If you have additional information on these, we would love to include it in this appendix
  • There are several new graphics
  • The comment tracking information for each chapter has been updated based on our internal comment vetting sessions
    • Note: GAO have received 375 comments and have vetted 175.  We are currently at a ~75% acceptance rate as we go through the comments

GAO hope to publish this chapter as a technical appendix in an upcoming GAO report, and need to have time to vet and adequately address the comments received.  For the remaining chapters, there is no set deadline for comments. 

Next expert meeting will be on January 25, 2018 from 2-4pm EST at GAO headquarters (441 G St. NW, Washington, DC, 20548).  GAO’ll be sending out the official agenda in the New Year. 



Agile Guide Comment Input Template.xlsx

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