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The GAO was seeking ACT-IAC volunteers to serve on an expert panel to assist in creating a guide for auditors to use when evaluating agencies “agile development practices”. This guide will emulate the GAO cost and schedule guides.  It started the panel in August 2016 and the first meeting was held in August 2016. 

The guide has three primary objectives:

  • Familiarize the reader/auditor with common terminology and practices in the adoption and application of agile software development
  • Highlight structural barriers and other challenges that the reader/auditor should consider.
  • Define a general framework against which an auditor can consistently evaluate the effectiveness of project control disciplines such as cost estimating, schedule estimating, systems integration & testing, requirements management, and project performance management in use for agile software development

 Additionally the guide will help auditors address issues like:

  • What is “agile development”?
  • What are the essential elements of an “agile development” program?
  • Who should they talk to in an agency when evaluating an “agile development” program?
  • What documentation should be available for review in an “agile development” program?
  • What are high risk areas that should be considered in an audit of an “agile development program”? 

Individuals from government, industry and academia are welcome to volunteer to serve on this panel.

Qualified volunteers were needed to have the following skills:

  • A strong background and understanding of “agile development”.  
  • Technical knowledge and experience with IT and systems engineering


On May 4, 2017, after an Agile Expert Meeting held by GAO, Karen briefed "We had an excellent discussion of all agenda items and we very much appreciate all who participated and shared their knowledge with us. We are planning to send out a file towards the end of the month that includes draft chapters of the Agile best practices guide along with their appendices so you can see how our work is progressing."

Please see attached documents from the meeting:

Next meeting is scheduled for August 24, 2017 from 2-4pm at GAO Headquarters.

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